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Jade Garden was established in 1965 by Mr and Mrs Man who immigrated from Hong Kong, China in pursuit of a new adventure and dream. 


After moving to London and settling in Northumberland Heath in 1962, an opportunity presented itself, a small corner plot on 2 cross roads of the high street. They knew they wanted to share their love for their culture to all, and this was going to be communicated through the universal language of food — and this was the birth of what we now know today as Jade Garden, authentic Chinese cuisine. 


Established in 1965, now 3rd generation, Silver Dragon, Harvest Moon, now Jade Garden was one of the very first cantonese restaurants to serve chinese food to the local area and has been for over 60 years. We pride ourselves in sourcing good, fresh ingredients and we cook them still using tradional methods acqiured in Hong Kong/China. We have a core value, that is to treat everyone who comes through the door like extended family.


Jade Garden, despite the cosmetic changes and upgrades that has been made throughout the years, has remained true to its identity, and what makes it so special is that it has been kept in the same family since the very beginning. Now moving to the third generation of management - Stephen and Anh, who are a husband and wife duo; in an era where many small restaurants businesses are selling, have instead, taken the courage to quit their careers  in order to ensure the continuation and longevity of the family-run business. They know importance of telling these stories, the legacy, and keeping the passion for authentic Chinese food alive. 


Despite, adversity Jade Garden has faced, including a global recession, high street closures, and not to mention the covid-19 pandemic, Jade Garden has remained a staple on Northumberland Heath’s high street. 


This could only be made possible by its loyal customers. Thanks to you all, Jade garden has been able to remain open and thrive.  Now in 2023, we at Jade Garden have a new and easy to use website where we are looking forward to being connected closer to our community by bringing authentic Chinese food to you all.

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